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Internet Independent Wireless Mesh Communication is a free software suite, which enables everyday devices, such as laptops and smartphones to create an internet independent decentralised and open ad-hoc wireless mesh network. It supports both public and private text messaging, voice calls, audio broadcasts and file sharing — all in a single app.

Independent of existing wireless and celular infrastructure, it empowers users to share ideas and organise, circumventing government surveillence and censorship.

In addition to this, it provides a powerful service library, which enables others to write applications that communicate and interact with an existing qaul network.


Text Messaging

Send public, encrypted group and private messages to anyone you meet on the network

File Sharing

Share files either directly, or via re-usable, torrent-like share links

Voice Chat

Have voice calls and broadcast live radio shows

User Discovery

Discover users and services around you, verify their identity when you meet

Ad-hoc Peer to Peer Network

Don't rely on existing infrastructure - become part of new ad-hoc infrastructure wherever you are

Multilingual Interface

Enjoy the application interface in your native language


Download App

We are rewriting at the moment. Until 2.0 is ready, you can download the 1.0 legacy app.