Help us Develop

We are looking for Developers

Help us develop There are interesting challenges ahead of us. has a stable rust structure and is developing fast. We are approaching the alpha version and are looking for more people to join our development team.

Interested? Great! Please feel welcome to write us an email or get in contact with us via our mailing list or IRC Channel whatever suits you best. If you better like to voice chat with us, we are having a weekly meeting at jitsi every Monday, 16:00 UTC.

Below you’ll find a non complete list of some current tasks. It can help you to get an idea of what you could do. Please feel welcome to join in and contact us also if you have different skills and expertise.

Current Challenges

Here a short list of the most actual challenges ahead of us:

  • VoIP integration
  • Android app
  • Bluetooth & wifi-direct interconnectivity

Mostly Needed Skills

  • Rust programming skills
  • Android know how
  • Web GUI expertise with EmberJS